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“The professionalism from start to finish made this home improvement project so easy.”
Greg, Baton Rouge


Steel will rust and wood will rot. Aluminum will not rust or rot and is easy to maintain. Aluminum is a better quality material.

White, ivory, sandstone, adobe and bronze.

The workmanship on J & J Aluminum Cover products is warranted for a period of one year against leakage. The warranty covers only the products. It does not cover leakage pertaining to existing roof or chimneys on the home or business. The warranty shall be void in the event of any alteration of the product or in the event you fail to properly maintain the product. It does not cover damage done to products by fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, blowing objects, falling objects or acts of God. In any event, the liability of J & J Aluminum Covers shall be limited to the repairs or replacement of the product.

The factors involved in pricing the awning are: square foot of area, type of material, the height of the cover, number of fascia boards the patio cover touches and the location of the awning. Cash and check are accepted.

It is recommended to clean the aluminum awning once a year with a pressure washer. Remove any leaves or debris that may be in the gutter system (if you have) once every six months.